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3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Bring Your Roleplaying Game to Life

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21 thoughts on “3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Bring Your Roleplaying Game to Life

  1. RUdigitized

    This doesn’t necessarily apply everywhere. Most of my players are new and
    are transfixed by classic monsters. This is better for more advanced

  2. Bob Cain

    I can’t say enough about your videos. I have enjoyed everyone of them. I
    really liked this one because I really enjoy bouncing ideas of other
    players and DMs.
    One thing I have done is re-imagined some of the magical items in the D&D.
    This is a great place to start for an adventure either a one shot or a
    whole campaign. Using items I found recently in AD&D I now have a dragon
    skull from each dragon represented by Tiamat, that gives its wielder the
    power to the breath weapon of that dragon once per day. (Now a real dragon
    skull would be too large so these skulls have been crafted by a very well
    know necromancer of an ancient kingdom.) It is said the one who has them
    all rules dragon kind and the world.
    Plus if you ask your player’s what magic item they really, really want they
    will tell you and that gives you the opportunity to craft a fantastic back
    story. Give it a special name, the name of its creator, the magical way in
    which it was created and the location it can be found….You got my
    creative juices pumping! Thanks Esper! Keep up the great work!

  3. Reagan L Smith

    Hey Esper have ever thought of doing a series on the horror module i6 from
    raven loft you would make for a good count Strad von Zorovich? I believe
    you could do a wonderful job with all your voice work and experience with
    dungeons and dragons. Seeing as your getting back into the groove of making

  4. JdrD30

    I love non combats sessions. I do a lot of that.

    Example from what I’m in right now:
    In 3 sessions of Advanced Fighting Fantasy as a GM, only one had combat
    In 30 sessions of Dark Eye as a player, I think we didn’t have more than 10
    combats total

    Great campaigns, even without them

  5. Chris Wilson

    I inadvertantly used tip 1 in my campaign last week. The party had
    encountered a band of kenku in the city that attempted to mug them. The
    party defeated them and took a magic dagger off one of the corpses. A few
    encounters later the party ends up in a forest and they hear strange
    noises. They are able to recognize the noises originate from the kenku’s
    mimicry ability. Then the party stumbles upon a village filled with tribal
    kenku and learn the dagger they looted belonged to the chieftain’s son and
    the villagers are abandoning their tribe for the city and the encroaching
    winter could result in their demise. The party stumbled in expecting an
    encounter but spent a whopping 10 days in this village doing what they
    could to help these poor kenku. It really seemed to throw the players for a
    loop and made their heroic deeds all the more rewarding!

  6. Nenril

    China Mieville sh*t 🙂 Try to read Dungeon World, that is one of the best
    pieces of DM couching game. 🙂 I’m happy youre back with 5th edition…
    I’m stoned by the way…

  7. redturner15neo

    Glad to see someone else who thinks this hard about their campaigns. I’ve
    been working very hard using #’s 2 and 3, but I think the first part is
    something to explore some more

  8. StringBasser

    You were my first inspiration in the dungeons and dragons world 3 years ago
    and i always love watching your videos. My local area has even titled me
    “best dm around” and i really owe a lot of that to you. Thank you!


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