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Angry Birds Walkthroughs – How To Find All The Golden Eggs And Get 3 Stars

Beating Angry Birds is a daunting task many people have issues locating the golden eggs and getting 3 stars in every level. This is such a huge part of the game because many people are completely addicted to the game and want to finish the game in it’s entirety.

What Are Golden Eggs in Angry Birds For?

The eggs in angry birds are basically another layer to an already fun game. You shouldn’t really expect much to happen once you find them all but it’s basically just another puzzle in the game. Most people like to see their games completely finish! They just want to beat the entire thing and be able to brag to their friends about it.

Where Are The Golden Eggs?

You can expect to find the eggs on these specific levels. I will do a little run down of the levels that the golden eggs are on but it’s up to you to find the rest yourself! I don’t like giving all the answers out without making you work for it a little bit! This is such a fun game that it really should be enjoyed!

The Eggs are located in the following:

Any level, press “?”

Mighty Hoax level 5-19

Poached Eggs level 2-2

Get 3 stars on all levels of Danger Above.

Get 3 stars on all levels of The Big Setup.

Get 3 stars on every levels of Poached Eggs.

Get 3 stars on ever levels of Mighty Hoax. (We have walkthroughs to get the 3 stars in angry birds too!)

Watch all the credits!

Poached Eggs level 1-8

Click the sun twice on main screen

Mighty Hoax level 4-7

Danger Above level 6-14

Danger Above level 8

Danger Above level 8-15

The Big Setup level 9-14

The Big Setup level 10-3

The Big Setup level 11-15

There you have it! I wasn’t going to ruin all the fun for you! Those are the locations of the eggs and I don’t endorse cheating.:)

So go out there and beat those piggies, Maggot!

Source by Amanda Darlene Davis

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