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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer – E3 2015 Sony Press Conference

We finally get a look at the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops III in this high-octane gameplay trailer. Follow Call of Duty Black Ops III at GameSpot.com!


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26 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer – E3 2015 Sony Press Conference


    So the whole conference was all GREATNESS AWAITS… AWAITS… AWAITS…
    (turns off the live stream). I’m good with my Windows 10 and Xbox One.

  2. hatsoffsam24

    It’s funny xbox fanboys trying to pretend not to give a shit…

    Yet they were always boasting about getting DLC first in the past…

    They were really trying to shit on every announcment at the Sony conference
    buy failed miserably..

  3. gordan1313

    Xbox fans for the last 5+ years : hahah fu sony players we get dlc first,
    cod rules
    Xbox fans now : It’s a sinking ship anyway, cod sucks #Logic

  4. TheLawrence05

    At least i got something else to replace this shit!! Doom! I am done
    playing this fucking Call of Shits. Apart from that there is something else
    waiting for me in November. Fuck COD super fast twitched out shitgame

  5. LeBrons Hairline

    Fucking really? Who’s actually going to buy this garbage with games like
    Battlefront, Ghost Recon, Mirror’s Edge, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, The
    Division, AC: Syndicate, and Tomb Raider coming out?

    I don’t see how anyone will actually have the time to waste on this abysmal
    IP. Hopefully it just dies off this year.

  6. sirgrundel

    TO MUCH SHIT GOING ON.. Fuck i miss when COD was easy and simple. why can’t
    this lean more towards Black ops 2, im not saying be the same LOL cause
    then that’d be pointless but holy fuck with all the wild kill streaks and
    crazy ass weapons and flying around, sliding on the ground…now..

  7. Relatable or Offensive

    Just make a fucking world war 2 game or atleast a game in a war or
    situation that we can fucking relate to. Not this futuristic bullshit that
    makes me feel no emotion or connection with the character.

  8. Run Robben Run

    Playstation dropped the ball. Bunch of Japanese games and indie games.
    Where were the triple A games? Xbox won this year and this is coming form a
    guy who own a playstation console all his life. ~RRR

  9. SinsAreContagious

    “Man im not buying this shit, nothing but freaking titanfall.” DAY OF
    RELEASE “Hell yeah man time to kick some ass, take my money.” Lol just be
    quiet because we all know your gonna buy it


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