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Category: News

Deaths Caused by Video Games

Believe it or not, but video games have actually killed people. Some games are held responsible for physically killing people and also...

Why Gaming is Bad For Your Personal Development

Living in 2010, millions of people, especially children, are playing games on the internet on a daily basis. I believe that this...

Trends Of Mobile Gaming

Anyone can play mobile games; it’s not an issue of age, gender, or geography (however, kids surely dominate in this area). Mobile...

Jobs in the Gaming Industry

The booming multi-million dollar gaming industry has become very popular among children and adults irrespective of age and sex. Due to the...

Latest Gaming Technology

The video gaming industry has certainly evolved over the last few years. The latest technology now has much more improved graphics which...

What Are the Best Gaming Computers on the Market Today?

What are the best gaming computers on the market today and what makes them the best? Factors that top the list should...