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Destiny — Exodus Blue PvP Walkthrough (Only on PlayStation)

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25 thoughts on “Destiny — Exodus Blue PvP Walkthrough (Only on PlayStation)

  1. 1sheldon

    the only thing i’m worried abotu this game is, if i go to midnight launch,
    will the servers be able to handle everyone jumping in at once? considering
    its online only 

  2. PlayStation Polska EXTRA

    Strażnicy! Odkrywamy przed Wami sekrety lokacji Exodus Blue w Destiny,
    dostępnej ekskluzywnie tylko dla posiadaczy PlayStation. Oglądajcie uważnie
    i przygotujcie się do walki już teraz – premiera gry 9 września!

    #Destiny #PS4

  3. MikeTran

    Is it just me or, has anyone else ever wondered why the comment section on
    almost every youtube video, is generally bad? The list usually includes:
    1/ The COD fan boys who bash on everything else not COD related.
    2/ Console war/Fan boys being butthurts.
    3/ People who call everything mainstream “Overrated”.
    4/ Spam/Scams.
    5/ People commenting with bad or even unreadable grammar.
    6/ Folks who literally comment “lolz, lmao, rofl,..etc..” on every single
    video they watch.
    7/ “What’s the song’s name?” people.
    8/ Wankers who keep mentioning about how great the recent celebrity leaks
    9/ Self-Promoting.
    10/ “BRAZILL!!!<3"
    11/12/..... the list goes on & on. Seriously, I think it's time Youtube do
    something about this.

  4. British Blue

    You have to admire the Warlocks’ style; they wear World War 1 trenchcoats,
    strap holographic sigils to their arms and sling exploding balls of pure
    energy from their hands…

  5. SystemFreaKk13

    So, just picked up my pre-ordered ps3 version, got the vanguard armory and
    the sparrow for the GameStop version, but where is this? I was given no
    download upon booting up the game, and re-downloading the “Compatibility
    Pack 1.” Aren’t these bonuses supposed to be accessible right away?


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