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Download Nintendo Wii Games Online – Transfer From PC To Wii

When you’ve finished a hard day at work and you plan to spend your evening relaxing and playing your Nintendo wii, you suddenly remember that you’ve completed your latest game and the thought of going all the way to the shops to search for a new title is daunting and even more tiring, Well now you don’t even have to go to a shop. You can now download Nintendo Wii games free, and transfer them from your PC to wii.

There are now sites on the Internet that allow you join as a member, and members get access to huge data-bases full of all the new release games, plus you can usually find all your old favourite retro games that you can also download and play on your Wii. Its not just games either with these sites you get access to download music movies and loads more goodies! To do all this you have to find the site you want to join, then pay a small one time membership ship fee- which is usually the cost of one game then you gain access to the members area where you can download games to your hearts content. There’s no pay per download or any hidden costs after you’ve paid the small one time only membership fee.

As a member i found this process extremely easy as I’m no computer expert at all. You get step by step instructions on how to find and download the game you want and further more you get all the tools needed to transfer and burn your games so you can play them on your wii.

Source by Edd Linham

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