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Farmville on Facebook – Why is Farmville So Popular?

Farmville is a game on the famous social network Facebook. Farmville is a game where you will take care of your farm. You will start with a little farm, and your job is to plant seeds, grow it and harvest it to gain money.

Farmville also has trees and animals you need to look after. The trees and animal is another source to gain money in Farmville. Money is important elements in this game, because you will need money to upgrade your farm to a bigger size. A bigger farm means more land to grow seeds, more room for the trees and animals, and it means more money. When you have enough money you can buy buildings, accessories and other things, to make your farm pretty.

When playing Farmville on Facebook, it’s better to add as many friends as you have, so you will be able to compare the design of each others farm, its layout and decorations. It is fun to decorate our farm with themes like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and many more.

Sometimes your friends will call for your help to do some farming job, like get rid of crows, and rake the leaves, or something like that. Helping your friends will earn you points of experience and also some little money. You can also fertilize your friends plants and gain experience. Fertilized plants will give more points and money for the owner.

Farmville is an interesting and addictive game; it is nice to see our farm with its trees and animal, especially when the time has come to harvest them. It will look as if it is full of fruits and vegetables. It is also enjoyable to see our farm with buildings, barns, decorations and accessories.

Playing Farmville on Facebook is really fun and enjoyable. Play together with your friends and prove yourself as the most successful farmer in Farmville!

Source by Cindy Jamison

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