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Future First Person Shooter – father.io

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24 thoughts on “Future First Person Shooter – father.io

  1. fatherio

    +Mattia Bovolenta Grazie per esserti iscritto alla waiting list e al canale
    youtube! Ti avvisiamo via email non appena siamo pronti.. non ti
    preoccupare l’attesa sarà breve!

  2. Guru8bit

    By the way, next generation videogames will never be played on phones.
    Also, the basic idea this is based on is going to get old faster than
    motion controls.

    You seem to have decent programming knowledge, put it at use by making an
    actual videogame.

  3. Amido11

    Imagine if you play this game with ingress

    You want to capture a place (with Ingress) and there’s a player who is
    guarding it

    all you got to do is switch to Father.IO and play who win will have the

  4. Playspot Oficial

    Esse vídeo do game Father.io está bombando na internet! Este jogo de tiro
    em primeira pessoa usa a câmera do celular e um dispositivo acoplado para
    atirar em seus amigos antes que eles acertem você. Mas existem poucas
    informações sobre o produto e pintou até uma dúvida se o projeto é real ou
    não, então vamos aguardar! #fatherio #fps #celular #livelikeyouplay


  5. Hugo Neves

    So I heard you like Real Life Massive Multiplayer games that use your phone
    like +Ingress .
    And if you like the side of Ingress were you go bang bang piu piu, then +
    Father.io might be the game for you !
    The game itself is still not open for the public but it could make an
    interesting experience.

    More info here – http://father.io/
    Thanks to +Daniel Benton for showing me their website

    #augmentedreality #FPS #Game 


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