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HTC ONE M8 (2014) Accessories

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25 thoughts on “HTC ONE M8 (2014) Accessories

  1. Matthew Hawkins

    Wow! When did Ray Romano start reviewing phones? I knew Everyone Loves
    Raymond bombed, but seriously, you review phones now?

    BTW, I got the M8 the other week, best phone I have ever had. HTC Mini?
    Massively no point in this phone for your phone…..

  2. arcanum70

    The sad part is that people will actually give them money for that remote.
    Wow, a remote for a cell phone…I’m in the wrong line of work.

  3. John Friend

    I love that little handset thing. But I really hope verizon gets the m9,
    and that they improve upon the build quality of the dot view. It was hard
    to type with the cover flipped back. I also hope that they have some htc
    branded double dip cases too.


    I use the best buy phone cover i think the brand is insigna or something 14
    dollars. The cover feels just great in pocket, i dont use those shit bulky
    cases. Color is really nice like a matte gold and a clear back, has just
    enough grip to not drop phone.

  5. Shaquille Gayle

    I find that HTC Mini Plus very intriguing, makes me want to get the M8 more
    as I haven’t seen it anywhere else and as pointed out can be very useful
    when you’re not with your phone.. just awesome lol

  6. Emil Johan Majani

    Hey HTC buddies, I got my M8 gun metal with the UAG Maverick cover, check
    that out because it’s crystal clear and does an extreme good job at making
    my phone look spectacular while also protecting it. Comes in many colours
    but I think gun metal and amber ones deserve to be seen.

  7. double0seven

    The lid problem with the dot case does go away. The silicon wears in and
    when the screen is warm, ie whenever it’s on, it gets softer and folds open
    and shut tighter. Plus it gives you something extra to hold on to, I find
    it easier to take pictures with the lid braced against my palms for

  8. Randy Smith

    You mentioned the ability to control media with the mini plus. Does that
    mean I can control any music apps that are loaded and running. Example: can
    I skip to the next song while listening to music through the Google Play
    music app or Pandora? 


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