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New Dragon Ball Super Game in 2016 [Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC]

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25 thoughts on “New Dragon Ball Super Game in 2016 [Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC]

  1. John Preston

    I don’t think we will see a Dragon Ball super games until 2017 2018 I mean
    the series just come out this year we will have to wait a while for them to
    be able to do anything for it

  2. Random Videos

    +Om3gaPro | Dragon Ball Xenoverse & Dragon Ball Super Bruh, there not going
    to make a Dragon Ball Super game you know why? It’s because you need to
    finish the series before you make the game

  3. Erick Pittman

    Just go look at naruto storm 1. That game came out before naruto and sasuke
    fought at the final valley so basically storm 1 was a spoiler game. They
    can do the whole spoiler game like storm 1 did. 

  4. D'Jean Buie

    Ph oul need to calm down with these false videos, they still need to make
    the movie of bog2/rof. Plus xenoverse just came out. You need to stop, in
    grateful people; can’t even stop begging for more!


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