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PlayStation Now: How Do PS3 Games Look?

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25 thoughts on “PlayStation Now: How Do PS3 Games Look?

  1. Joshsmoove

    Sony just needs to allow people to buy PS3 games on the PS store for the
    PS4. Streaming isn’t a good idea unless its on a PC or something. 

  2. Ciwen Gao

    so… instead of making backward compatibility on PS4 to play PS3 games,
    they making another streaming service(with some new tweak) for you to pay
    for it?
    and people praise sony?

  3. rafafr9

    I think this is the future, i mean, look at shield, it also has a stream
    capacity, it will make the shield and the vita direct competitors

  4. Mitchell Scripter

    graphics not being as sharp as the original game. I don’t like that at all.
    the one thing we look forward to in playing games. the concept is cool ill
    give it that. i hope they don’t force people into buying this and other
    users support the hell out of it would be worse. i like having things on
    disc and i like driving up to the game store and meeting others i think
    things are fine they way they are. i say push this subject away from the
    console market and edge it more towards other platforms that will be able
    to run it. you buy the system and you expect great things from it.

  5. Ivano Forgione

    I love this, finally mr. Perry got some return on his #gaikai investment,
    I’m a fan of his endeavours since the “Enter The Matrix” days, and this
    Playstation Now thing is something I and my home fiber internet connection
    are pretty much ready for. If the subscription model is decent, and
    includes ps+ perks, I already envision myself getting a ps4 by the end of
    this summer 😀

    Anyway, you know what would be great? The ability to get games you already
    own for free without a subscription, by consuming the serial number on the
    box. Even ps1 titles. That would be my “shut up and take my money” trigger

    #cloudgaming #playstationnow #ces2014 

  6. HardJob1000

    I don’t understand how they are releasing this in the US first. Europe’s
    internet infrastructure is far more developed than in the US and Sony has a
    larger fan base in Europe. 

  7. creepersdestiny13

    honestly i feel like they should have let us try some games out for free
    especialy thats in beta and we are going to be getting such poor quality.
    Atleast the playstation plus subscribers should have the game for free for
    atleast for 4 hours. just stating my opinion

  8. adultmoshifan87

    I may not be one for cloud gaming, but PlayStation Now is something I would
    like to see made available in hotel rooms so that guests can play it on
    their in-room TVs :)

  9. Tommie monroe

    If they don’t get ride of the streaming/renting thing i feel the app will
    not go anywhere because who wants to rent a game that they can buy for less
    and and actually have the disk copy to have. they should of just use the
    thing they did for ps3 just make it better for ps4.


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