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PlayStation Plus Free Games – July 2015

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24 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus Free Games – July 2015

  1. Maximillain Thermidor

    ….AND the series of disappointments continues! In the past being a PSN
    Plus member meant something, even the free monthly games were amazing. Now
    everything went the other way.
    Whoever chooses these shitty games for us, FUCK YOU MOFO!!

  2. Jerry Osin

    You want your customers to be happy, not to be milked like a cow, as you’re
    showing this recently. Games like this i can play on my mobile, for
    free(!). And I’m talking about ps3, where we used to get 2 REAL games, not
    games that I can finish during my lunch time. Great job, Sony, great job
    with ruining your brand, step by step!

  3. marques Jerahnicus

    These PS+ games suck. Indie is boring. I would rather that they not even
    announce games if they are going to be this bad. The only good game is Fez.
    Why can’t they just hand out old games that sold well? Like everything on
    PSN. It may even be better to have free access to PSN for 2 weeks out of
    the month as opposed to Indie crap that no one downloads, unless you are 13
    and don’t have your own income. Fake stats for popular downloads are *fake

  4. j.s .v

    Allright can’t find this on the internet so… Do safefiles from the games
    you play this month dissapear after your subscription is done for example
    if I buy a physical copy of the dunno rain will the safefile be there or
    have I have to play the whole damn game over…?


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