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Project Morpheus in action – PlayStation 4 VR headset tested with The Deep

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25 thoughts on “Project Morpheus in action – PlayStation 4 VR headset tested with The Deep

  1. DrunkenIrishGuy

    This looks awesome but I would have to be in the privacy of my own home to
    enjoy it and not feel self conscious. I know that’s the whole point but I
    can’t imagine playing this in public at E3.

  2. TheAwesomeLeopard

    Ever since I was a kid and electronic boutique (showing my age) had vr in
    their shop but the queue was always massive and I never got to play, I
    wanted vr. I’m so excited for this, and for the love of all that is good
    and holy, please someone make a knightmare game! 

  3. NoremacTV

    Convinced me! But I already wanted Morpheus anyways haha,
    Just waiting on that there Price and date but it’s a day one product for
    me! XD
    Greatness Awaits!

  4. bluex610

    Here’s an idea for VR. Design a cockpit that can lean, and shake. Like when
    you’re playing a racing sim n accelerating the cockpit can tilt back and
    when you break the cockpit can tilt forward. This will trick your mind to
    think it’s feeling inertia. Drive offroad and you will feel the car shake.
    Seriously this cockpit idea is expensive but can possibly be a big idea.
    Imagine in the future DMV will use VR to train noobs how to drive. Someone
    plz make this happen and steal my idea lol. VR would also be sick to learn
    to fly.

  5. Kzero

    So excited for VR. Can’t wait to get my Dev Kit 2.0 next month from Oculus!
    You guys should send me a dev kit so that I can mess about with my PS4 and
    demos. I’ll sign an NDA :D

  6. bustyjusty2

    3:03 see that is the problem with just a VR Headset. He tried to reach out
    and touch it. I believe in the future there will be the VR Headset, a full
    body mapping suit and something on the floor so you can run, just, dive and
    it will bring you back to the center spot.

    It is what we all want, Put the player into the game, the best immersion


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