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The Hunger Games Official Trailer 2012 HD

Hunger Games Trailer HD. First official HD Trailer of The Hunger Games Movie, after a first teaser, unveils the Gary Ross Movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh …


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22 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Official Trailer 2012 HD

  1. Renele Wyles

    When I first saw this trailer I’m like nah can’t be bothered to see it and
    2 years later I saw it at my friends place then a couple of weeks later I
    saw mocking jay prt 1 annd loved it so that’s my story

  2. ICU

    Here’s an idea:
    Bring a trinket into the games, throw it on the ground near your biggest
    threat so that the mines get set off and they die before the game even

  3. Andee GlamFairy

    The way Katnis screamed ‘I volunteer’ with so much panic is her voice..gave
    me goosebumps all over. So full of raw emotion and that’s what an AWESOME
    actress can do!!! 

  4. Mariel Jaume

    I remember seeing this trailer the first time 4 years ago and i had no idea
    what to expect but I was so excited to watch it and i didn’t read the
    series until after I watched the first movie in March 2012 xD

  5. Nam Tran

    now this is how the world gonna be like if axis rules the world. slaves.
    different districts in this case: occupied soviet union with each 1 simple
    task to pump resources to the capital in this case is berlin, germany and
    west europe

  6. Hit MeNext

    I was really surprised, i heard allot of hype about this movie and finally
    decided to watch it, writing this comment as its playing and its only
    sucking more and, like the part where she shot the apple with her bow, ugh
    so cliche, its probably a childs movie and I’m exaggerating but its nothing
    compared to lord of the rings

  7. Maarten Wong

    Dat moment when you saw hunger games and everytime you see an other trailer
    where the end is like very hard music and exciting then the title comes and
    the music is off and then you except the Mockingjay flute but Nope….

  8. Holly Clark

    when i first heard of the hunger games i was like “wtf is this” and like
    everyone was talking abt it, reading it and i saw trailers on tv. then i
    grew to know what it was abt. then one day my friend took me to her house
    and we watched all of them and BAM love it. (cant believe next film isnt
    coming out till november :|)


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