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This is The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – Exploring Tamriel | PS4

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25 thoughts on “This is The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – Exploring Tamriel | PS4

  1. Merick

    Too bad we wont be able to play with our Console cousins while on PC when
    the launch hits, but i welcome all who Join the ESO universe

    oh and to help people who are new avoid a mistake that i stumbled on, there
    is no best class so stop asking, they are unique and quite capable in their
    own ways, play around for about 10 levels until you find just what you are
    looking for and stick with it! i rolled too many alts hahaha

  2. Darwin Hawke

    *Who would’ve thought* just 10 years ago that we could casually touch a
    pocket sized hand held computer on our morning commute to work in a subway
    train to pre-order a huge online role playing game on a 21st century gaming

    Which is exactly what I did just now. Anyone else getting this game on PS4?
    Let’s meet and kill stuff and get loot and merde!

    O the wonders of technology!

    Release date: this Tuesday, June 9

    #TheElderScrollsOnline #PS4

  3. Daniel Wheeler

    will i regret buying this? i’ve never played an MMO and i dont have any
    friends who will be getting it, but im a huge elder scrolls fan, will i be

  4. Fieryroars

    12 Days left CAAANT WAIT!

    My psn is Fieryroars me and my friends already have plans to be tge best
    alliance in this game add me and join us

    Or die..

  5. Mega Man

    Does this game play and control like an MMO, or does it play like Skyrim?
    Because I hate the way MMO’s play, DA:I was terrible because of it. As much
    hate Skyrim gets from it’s gameplay I’d rather have the game play like
    that. So does it play like that? If so I’m definitely getting it.

  6. BillJr971

    Ain’t this game pay to play or something ? Like you buy the game and you
    still have to buy some kind of membership to play ? That’s what I heard
    about a year ago


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