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Top 10 Best STRATEGY Games of 2015

This is a Top 10 best Strategy games of 2015 with gameplay footage and amazing cutscenes. 10# – 00:11 The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria 9# – 00:49 Total War: …


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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Best STRATEGY Games of 2015

  1. Rob Swire

    I clicked on this video, started to watch it…then I felt an irresistable
    urge to turn it off…then I realised that you are the same annoying dude,
    who made How To Make a Bomber in Besiege video and didn’t actually make any
    bomber. You are the master of lying confusing video titles.

  2. Michael Moretti

    How the fuck did Heroes of Might and Magic VII make it to 7th place when
    you know NOTHING about the bloody game?

    Is this another stupid troll or are you just retarded?

    Edit: Reading the comments … OMFG, you are literally using alt accounts
    to post comments supporting your own video, and then using other alt
    accounts to post support for those supporting comments!

  3. Devon Perry

    For fucks sakes if english isnt your first language, dont use it in a
    video. fuckin speak your own language so my ears dont want to cry, cut
    their wrists and jump off the sides of my head.

  4. !Yu.GoD!~Dragonfire

    I’m kinda excited for the settlers since i used to play the settlers 5 a
    lot, thats a great game, and underrated since it got quite low scores but
    its good. idk about the other games, for total war you need some kind of
    magical computer, but grand ages: medieval looks promising too 🙂 btw role
    playing elements for the settlers are a great idea in my opinion, it will
    make the game more deep, besides i love rpg’s and rts games 🙂 hopefully
    they succeed at making the combination good ;P

  5. Ry Hartley

    How can you call these the best when none of these have barely gotten past
    alpha yet.. and also you uploaded this on the 9th of January?! 9 days into
    2015. ._.


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