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Top 10 Free To Play Games

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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Free To Play Games

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  2. frealms

    SW:TOR, really? Seriously? If it was an MMO list ok, but a free to play
    list, that game should be excluded by default with it’s horrible model.

  3. Avre (SkypePVP)

    I would switch out World Of Tanks with War Thunder
    Better community, better graphics, pure skill, no fictional supertanks
    (except Maus, but it isn’t OP), fun with friends, better music (depends on

  4. Commander Wolf

    LoL #1? Are you high? Though it may probably deserve a spot in the list,
    TF2 is supposed to be #1. Though you may be called “gay” and “tryhard” when
    you are F2P, you can still play it. It is a good game, is free, and
    deserves to be #1.

  5. Gabriel Dell

    Am I the only person that actually doesn’t like TF2? Now, I’m not trying to
    get a bunch of 5 year old fanboys to start getting temper tantrums, but
    it’s just so overrated in my opinion. 

  6. Dr.Zomboland

    Id say that Team Fortress deserves the number one spot as an ACTUAL free to
    play game.Where every player is equal and it dosent matter if someone pays
    to play or not.Also the game itself is alot of fun.I have been playing it
    for four years and im still going.One of the best Valve games with the
    friendliest community will make you want to play more and more.
    I may not be right or i might have missed something but thats just my


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