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Top 10 Gaming Experiences

Tom Vasel, Sam Healey, and Zee Garcia take a look at some of their favorite stories and games that they’ve been part of.

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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Gaming Experiences

  1. Steve Gale

    Regarding Jason, it puzzles me that there are people who play board games
    that don’t comprehend friendly rivalry and the teasing and trash-talking
    that accompanies it.

  2. Christian Barraza

    Me and all my friends are the exact same way. We’re constantly picking on
    each other and putting each other down, but we all knnow none of us mean
    it, so it’s always funny. I assume a lot of other gaming groups just aren’t
    as close.

  3. Steelmage99

    Question for the Dice Tower guys (and anybody that wishes to chime in,

    I have introduced my extended family to various boardgames like Pandemic,
    Shadows Over Camelot, Ghost Stories and Pillars of the Earth.
    I would like to have them play a Werewolf-style game.

    Which version would you guys suggest I get…..and why? 

  4. Steve Gale

    Regarding Side Meyer’s Civilization, I know Tom doesn’t favor long games as
    much as he used to, but I do think this game has been markedly improved by
    its expansions. It’s even a bit shorter. as the social policies help you
    get your engine up and running faster.

  5. EviLNox8

    I played a game game of dead of winter where I was the betrayer and won. I
    played another game where I was doing pretty much the exact same thing and
    one of my friends was going off on how I was the betrayer because it was
    exactly what I was doing the last time I was the betrayer and that I
    probably got the same card. It was a lot of fun trying to state that I was
    NOT and I was on the verge of being exiled lol. It was a lot of fun.


    ZEE….Your No1 is like mine. I met Colby Dauch (Plaid Hat Games) at Essen.
    And I was geeking out. Talking about his business and Heroscape…

    …then there’s a tap on my shoulder. I turn round and there is this chap
    there. I didn’t know him, but he knew me. We were talking and I just wanted
    to say “Look, Colby Dauch!!! Here!!!” 

  7. Eric Offill

    Here are my top 3 experiences: 3) Getting my mom and brother to play The
    Resistance and have them distrust everyone for all 3 games. 2) Played Lords
    of Vegas with Up expansion and getting so caught up that we had the entire
    gaming store watching reminiscent of a craps table. When it came down to a
    tense dice roll, the spectators actually held their breath. 1) Playing
    Battlestar Galactica with my son, who threw me in the brig for the.entire
    game and convinced everyone I was a Cylon (I wasn’t) AND THEY BELIEVED HIM.

  8. David Curtis Watts

    If you’re not taking the piss out of each other (Busting each others
    chops), you’re not really good friends. Only the best kind of friendship
    can withstand it and indeed, be enhanced by it. At least that’s what life
    has taught me.

  9. Paul Batey

    Top moment, when in Shadows over Camelot my darling nine year old daughter
    looked at me with eyes of betrayal, “Are you the traitor daddy?”. I wasn’t.
    Because she was!

  10. tspawn35

    I totally get when they say that it nice to just be able to sit down and
    plauy a game. My favorite game is Arkham Horror.. The biggest issue with
    that game is it can take 3 – 4 hours which I don’t mind at all but I almost
    never get to play it with people who have already played it and understand
    all the rules. So it normally takes forever because you have to first
    explain the rules and then continuesly re-explain the rules because there
    are so many of them. So it turns a chance to maybe play twice into a 1 game

  11. Geographus666

    What is the story behind “Tom lying to his wife in Cosmic Encounters”?

    Is this some sort of running gag they did in an old episode I didn’t watch
    and therefor I
    don’t get the joke?

    They mention this so often it kind of bugs me a little.

  12. Spazz Fist

    When I first saw the topic I thought “what a bunch of self-indulgent crap!”
    and then when I saw it was over an hour long, I almost didn’t watch it.
    But how glad am I that I did! Honestly, that has to be my favourite top
    ten list ever! It helped to remind me that board gaming is so much more
    than board gaming – it is the events and things that happen as a result and
    the people that we meet through our gaming that makes a good experience
    great. This was truly a fantastic video guys. Kudos.

    You have inspired me to start my own top ten list of my favourite gaming
    events which I will put on Facebook in the near future, if any of you would
    care to come check it out.

    P.S. You were also right about the watching in instalments! I had to
    watch it in three parts! lol

  13. Lee Nicholas

    Guys, the gaming hobby would be less than it is today without the Dice
    Tower – and that goes for the three of you guys as well as Ryan, Jason,
    Dan, the HAMTAG guys and everyone else. Thank you so much for the hard
    work you put in to promote gaming in such positive ways. You are such
    great examples of men and gamers and it is a tremendous blessing to watch
    the content you produce. Many blessings to you guys and your families.

  14. Kit Harrison

    Cool that one of +Tom Vasel’s top experiences is with Civilization, one of
    my fave games – sad that he kind of dissed it at the same time. I’d argue
    that Sid Meier’s Civ hasn’t been adequately replaced by anything yet. If I
    want civ building and real conflict and area control and tech progression,
    not many games can really replicate what I get from CIV. Also 6 hours you
    are just taking too long. I put a minute timer on choosing techs and if
    you’re not ready by then, the person to your right gets to pick your tech
    for you. It speeds things up, believe me! This game is great and deserves
    some love.


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