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World in War trailer – iPhone & iPad strategy game

– World in War is an epic turn based strategy game set in World War II Europe. Outwit your …


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13 thoughts on “World in War trailer – iPhone & iPad strategy game

  1. S.E.M Asantehene

    It’s hard but when you learn how to play, you will beat the system. Like in
    first CCCP campaign battle you can beat german’s totally and next battle is
    staliningrad 😀

  2. Rudolf

    Hey, you mean for this WiW game? If so I don’t see how since recording on
    an iPhone is impossible to my knowledge. Anyway I think you need to have
    multiple fronts, one for distraction, like smashing your way to the north,
    and the other your main front to conquer the bulk of the territory needed
    to get to the factories. The idea is that you keep his troops busy to fill
    up those gaps you’ve been creating guerilla style.

  3. TheSm1thers

    I noticed you have uploaded some gameplay on your channel. Can you please
    make a walkthrough of Operation Barbarossa? If you do you’ve earned
    yourself a sub.

  4. Rudolf

    This game is hard, but appearently not impossible. I managed to complete
    Operation Barbarossa, by misleading the AI with a cat and mouse game.


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