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World of Warcraft – The Best Addons

Most players do not know about the tons of addons that you can easily download to enhance your experience of World of Warcraft. There are literally thousands of different addons that are designed for specific areas of the game which will better customize your game play and make your World of Warcraft experience a lot more enjoyable! However, before starting to download any addons, make sure you know exactly what area of the game you want to customize. Addons take a lot of space on your computer and might make the game lag a little, so be absolutely sure about what you want to download before starting to download it! This website will provide you with all the necessary help you need in making that choice about which addons to download, by providing you with information on the basic functions of some of the best addons available at the moment. So read on to make the right decision!

ArenaPointer: This is a WoW addon that calculates the gain in your weekly points, based on your current team arena rating. The point gains are then displayed on the PvP tab of the character sheet.

AtlasLoot: This addon allows you to browse through boss loot tables. The items displayed in the loot browser can be linked together through chat.

Auctioneer: This addon allows you to view information about an item that will prove useful for you in order to determine how much it is worth. It scans the auction house and saves data on prices and quantities of the items available at the auction house.

BGSoundAlerts: This addon provides comments and sounds on events happening inside battlegrounds.

BigBrother: This is an addon that checks for raid buffs like flasks, elixir and food. It alerts for broken shackles or polymorphs, providing information on which character broke the item. Moreover, it informs of any misdirections by hunters and tells you which characters are sent the misdirections.

CooldownCount: This addon shows the cooldown timer of your abilities and your spells. However, it only affects spells that have a certain minimum countdown timer.

DamageMeters: This addon calculates the damage or healing done by characters in a raid group or a party.

Deadly Boss Mods: This shows timers and warning signals of spells and abilities of raid bosses.

Examiner: This addon shows you the talent points, honor, arena teams and gear of other players. It would also show you these stats of a previously inspected player, even when that player is not close by.

FreeRefills: As the name suggests, this addon automatically purchases particular specified items every time you visit a merchant. It is very handy for stocking useful items from ammunition to food and water.

MrPlow: This addon organizes your bag by combining matching items so that you get more bag space.

SmartBuff: This addon helps with casting buffs through a template. It allows you to caste buffs by using just one key.

These are just some of the addons that have recently hit the popularity charts. You have the option to download from the thousands of addons that are now available. Just keep one thing in mind though and make your decision wisely. You don’t want to lose out on any fun playing by making your game lag!

Source by Rikard Ingvarsson

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